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Who's who in our staff team:

Leadership Team

Mrs O'Connor - Headteacher (Computing and RE co-ordinator)

Mrs Roberts - Deputy Headteacher, Maths co-ordinator and KS2 co-ordinator

Mrs Hunt - School Business Manager

Mrs Yates - SENCO 

Mrs Cottrell - KS1 co-ordinator, Literacy co-ordinator 


Teaching Staff

Mrs Roberts - Raven Tor (Year 6) teacher (Maths and PSHE co-ordinator)

Miss Smith - Derwent (Year 5) teacher (science co-ordinator)

Mrs Price - Hen Cloud (Year 4) teacher (Art and DT co-ordinator)

Ms McAnulty - Castle Naze (Year 3) teacher (History and Geography co-ordinator)

Mrs Cottrell - Windgather (Year 2) teacher (English co-ordinator)

Mrs Yates - Kinder (Year 1) teacher (SENDco)

Miss Haynes - Froggatt (Reception) teacher (EYFS co-ordinator)

Mrs Darnell - PPA and interventions (PE co-ordinator)

Teaching Assistants

Miss Bailey

Mrs Clark

Mrs Clay 

Mrs Craven

Mrs El-Gothamy

Mrs Evans 

Miss Hickton

Mrs Hollingsworth (Music co-ordinator)

Mrs Morley 

Mrs Nash 

Mrs Newton

Mrs Saint

Mr Walker


Office Staff

Mrs Hunt (SBM)

Mrs Shaw


After School Club Staff

Miss Milner

Mrs Fox

Mrs Ward

Mr Walker


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Holgate (cook)


Midday Staff

Mrs Nash (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs Bull

Mrs Cross

Mrs Ward

Miss Hartson

Mrs Lincoln

Mrs Morley

Mrs Vayro


Caretaking and Cleaning

Vacancy- Caretaker

Cleaner - 



Financial information:

Number of school employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more = 0

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