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Current School Priorities

Maximising the impact on learning; developing visible learning, growth mindset and teaching backwards (Achieve)

Improving outcomes in core subjects by raising achievement and progress (Achieve)

  • Sharpen the evaluation of teaching by focusing observations from a learner’s point of view. Continue to improve the teaching of English through the use of quality texts (Focus) and extend links across the curriculum and between year groups where possible.  Focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Improve outcomes in maths by developing maths mastery throughout the school, improving teaching and learning.
  • Focus on developing children’s reasoning skills.

Improve outcomes for all children by increasing opportunities for them to thrive through enriched learning experiences and a stimulating curriculum (Magical)

  • Develop a more holistic curriculum by ensuring that children are engaged and have a thirst for learning.  Children’s starting points are identified and planning reflects this.
  • Introduce Forest schools across the curriculum; developing systems to measure and evaluate impact.  Build upon the expertise of the staff and upskill where necessary.
  • Scientific enquiry is developed to ensure technology is used effectively, that the curriculum is well resources and the pedagogy of enquiry is clear.
  • Improve health and well-being within the whole community, including developing informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and emotional health.  Relationships and Sex Education prepares children for life.

Reducing the barriers to learning, improving health and well-being (Respect & Teamwork)

  • Improve mental health and well being of staff and pupils.
  • Enhance partnerships and collaboration with parents and stakeholder, increasing parent participation in learning.
  • Pre-exposure to learning through the development of homework, experiences we offer vulnerable pupils, the use of quality resources and texts.
  • Further develop and enhance the inclusive values of the school.
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