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Multi-Sensory Space Garden


Our competition

Children were asked to design a multi-sensory space themed garden near the lower playground.  We were delighted with the quality and number of entries and we will try and use part of everyone's design in the final garden.  We have picked two entries as winners, who will receive £20 gift voucher.

Multi-Sensory Space Garden


Isabel Hitchcock's design

Isabel's design was fantastic, there was so much thought and effort put into her plan.  We loved the idea of the space rocket and numbered steps as well as incorperating all of the planets.  We also liked the idea of rocket bird tables and satellite benches.

Liv and Pippa's design

Another design with great detail and thought.  We loved the idea of having an astronauts training centre based on a trim trail.  They had researched lots of flowers that we could use and had incorporated a super race track design.


Other fantastic enteries

We will try and use some of the other fantastic ideas that the children came up with and here are a few ideas that we loved.

Ella Moss - Had the clever idea of having Neptune with musical instruments to represent the 'tune' and to go with the multi-sensory idea.

Amy Byard - An excellent space rocket design, loads of colour and ideas.

Holly El-Gothamy - Had the idea of different surfaces for children to step along.

Chalie Litchfield - Had a super race track design with roundabouts with the planets in the centre.

Rosie Clarke - We loved the idea of a planetarium and a moon scooter parking area.

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