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Our Curriculum - Magical Learning

Developing an exciting and engaging curriculum that brings learning alive and helps children to be motivated and have a thirst for learning is very important to us.  We want children to develop a range of different intelligences and skills which will equip them to achieve well throughout their lives.


Being Word Smart - Developing a love and passion for reading



Being a confident reader is a vital and fundamental skill needed by all.  We really want all pupils to develop a love for reading and an enjoyment of books.  Using funding from the Foyle Foundation we have created a fantastic library area, this has now moved to the Studio.  We have started planning from a new scheme of work (September 2017) called Focus English.  This helps teacher plan and deliver English in a purposeful and engaging way, placing English and literature at the heart of the curriculum and is aligned with end of year expectations.  The curriculum is based on the use of high-quality texts, including poetry, which provide the driver for the unit. Across each year group, texts from classic and current authors have been selected to ensure that pupils experience a wide and rich reading curriculum to promote a life-long love of reading. 


In KS1/Foundation the children have a daily phonics session for 30 minutes (Mon - Thurs) and are streamed into ability groups across the three classes.  Teaching assistants and teachers take responsibility for taking these groups and the school follows the Letters and Sounds  scheme.  Click on the picture below to view the full scheme.


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