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Our Classes and Staff

Froggatt - Reception

Class Teacher - Mrs Yates (SENCo / Early Years Coordinator)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hollingsworth (Art Music Coordinator)

Teaching Assistant - Miss Evans


Kinder - Year 1

Class Teacher - Mrs Price (Art Coordinator)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Craven (History / Geography Coordinator)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hollingsworth (Art Music Coordinator)



Windgather - Year 2

Class Teacher  - Mrs Cottrell (Key Stage 1 Leader / Literacy Coordinator)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Storey

Teaching Assistant - Miss Greenwood


Castle Naze - Year 3

Class Teacher - Ms McAnulty (Science Coordinator / Teacher Governor / PTFA)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Storey


Hen Cloud - Year 4

Class Teacher - Miss Ford (PE Coodinator)

Specialist Teaching Assistant - Mrs Newton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Saint


Derwent - Year 5

Class Teacher - Mrs Roberts

(Deputy Headteacher / Key Stage 2 Leader / Numeracy Coordinator)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Saint


Raven Tor - Year 6

Class Teacher - Miss Smith

Specialist Teaching Assistant - Mrs NewtonTeaching

(Responsible for supporting pupils across the school using pupil premium funding)


Teaching and Learning Support Team

Sports Coach - Mr Kirk (First Direct Sport)


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Nash (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Mrs Vayro, Mrs Gunby, Mrs Bull, Mrs Cross, Miss Hartshorn


Caretaker / Cleaning Staff

Mr Baker / Mrs Gunby


Leadership Team

Mrs Roberts (Deputy Headteacher - As above)

Mrs Hunt (School Business Manager)

Mr Yellop (Headteacher)


Administration Office Support

Mrs Burton