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Coronavirus Update

Heage Primary School is regularly checking updates for advice on how best to ensure the health and safety of children, staff and the community. The government are publishing updates online. Use these links to find up-to-date information. 


DFE information for parents - what you need to know during the outbreak. click here


Children with a COVID19 positive test result:

should self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of their symptoms and then return to school only if they do not have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste. The pupil’s household is to self-isolate for 14 days.

Masks and Face coverings

Children in primary schools do not need to wear a face covering and they should not be asked to wear one. Dr Susan Hopkins, the Chief Medical Adviser for NHS Test and Trace, has said that “the consensus among educationalists, public health and clinical specialists is that it is not advisable for primary school children to wear face coverings. That is why Public Health England has not recommended to the Department for Education that they should be worn by primary pupils in the classroom. Children need to see facial expressions to develop their communication and language skills and practically, they can have difficulties keeping them on all day.”

Government advice and updates on Coronavirus: CLICK HERE. 


Government advice to schools and educational settings CLICK HERE


Government travel advice for those travelling and living overseas: CLICK HERE


Public Health England blog: CLICK HERE.


NHS - How to wash your hands poster CLICK HERE

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