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What Parents think about the school

Our values

As a school we have worked hard to develop our SMART values and the children have been involved in looking at how these link to British Values (which are democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs).  The results from the latest Ofsted questionnaire support our work to improve the school ethos and values.


Smile, enjoy school and feel safe / Magical Learning

We are delighted that the three most positive areas on the questionnaire link to our first value.  Everybody agreed that they children enjoyed school, were safe and were well looked after.  Ofsted state 'early years staff give children’s welfare and safety a high priority. As a result, children are happy, safe and increasingly confident' and 'Pupils feel safe at school because the school places a high priority on pupils’ welfare. The school is highly inclusive.'

My child  is happy at this school.

My child feels safe at Heage school

My child is well looked after at Heage school








Parents also agree that teaching at the school in now good.  In 2013 the progress that the Key Stage 2 children made in the core areas was one of the lowest in the Derbyshire.  We are now delighted that we are now above national average for combined results in reading, writing and maths and in the top 15% for progress made in maths alone (an amazing turnaround).  This is reflected in the views of our parents.  In 2012/13 only  67% of parents thought that their child was taught well.  Now all parents feel that the teaching is good!

My child is taught well at Heage school


Respect and Teamwork

Respect and teamwork are key values that the school promotes.  Ofsted state 'pupils are polite and well mannered and they relish responsibility. This is a key part of the school’s values and ethos'.  Most parents agreed and strongly agreed that the school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour and we are continually looking for ways to improve this further.  We are increasing the provision of activities at lunchtimes and now have trained mini-leaders to lead events.  We have also started to work towards the STOP campaign ‘preventing and tackling bullying award’.

The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved

The school deals effectively with bullying


The last two areas linked to how well the school is led and managed and how well the school takes account of suggestions and concerns have improved well.

The school is well led and managed


The school responds well to the concerns I raise 


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