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Archie Wilson Cup

On Thursday 14th June we held our first Archie Wilson Cup.  All the children were split into eight teams and competed in a Quad Kids Althletics Event.  This included a sprint, long run, howler javelin throw and the standing long jump.

The Blue team were the eventual winners.

Thank you for the support from parents and family members.  We look to repeat the event each year.  Remember our Family Fun Sports Afternoon in on Wednesday 21st June.

For more detail on the Archie Wilson Cup results click on the link below.


A Good School

The school continues to strive for excellence after being rated by Ofsted as a 'Good School' (May 2016).  We are a growing school and now have over 180 pupils.


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 Smile, enjoy school, keep healthy and feel safe


 Magical learning - 'Make the most of every moment'


 Achieve - 'Be the best you can be'


  Respect - 'Value others and celebrate success'


 Teamwork - 'Together Everyone Achieves More'

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